Congratulations ....
on winning the BT DESIGN Golden Art Site AWARD!
5.0 rating by AS!

BTDesign Art Gallery - Fine arts gallery, original photography, excellency award program. 5.0 rating by AS!

You're a very talented artist and your site
lets us appreciate all sides of your artistic personality at best,
plus letting us admire so many of your artworks.
The design and layout are exceptional
and I enjoyed my visit very very much.

Keep up with your important work,

BTDesign Awards

Master of 2004 - Best Painter

It is my very pleasure to announce Zeljko Djurovic is among the winners of the 2004 edition of BTDesign Art Gallery's Annual Art Award,
"The Master of 2004".

A jury of acclaimed international artists proclaimed ZELJKO DJUROVIC BEST PAINTER of 2004
with 470/550 votes.

Master of 2004 - Artist of the Year

Since Zeljko Djurovic is the artist who got the highest score this year the jury chose him as
MASTER of 2004, ARTIST OF THE YEAR among all the 22 candidates.

My heartiest congratulations!
Barbara Tampieri
BTDesign Awards





A Flash site that actually works!
A very attractive and imaginative site with some very good art work.

ArtQuest 4 Diamond Award

This is a special site and is deserving of 4 diamonds.

Kathy Kahre-Samuels



Your web site, "Zeljko Djurovic - Fantasy Art",
has qualified for the Internet
Beacon Silver Award.

The Internet Beacon - Award Sites! Level 5.0--Elite Award; Rated by WebsAwards, Level 4; Olymp Award Index, Rating 4.0; World's Top Award, rated by Website Awards

This is some of the most amazing,
striking artwork that I have seen in quite some time.
And it's put together in a site whose design is
striking, as well. Nicely done.

Congratulations on an outstanding web site.

Vance Elderkin
The Internet Beacon




*** We proudly honor your website with the

4 Elements Award rating levels: AS! - Award Sites! ::: Level 5.0; WA - WebsAwards ::: Level 10/supreme level 1;  UWSAG - United Web Site Award Givers ::: Level 5; EAI - Euro Award Index ::: Level 5; WTA - World's Top Awards

Your style is so unique it is hard to describe!
Sort of an aquatic burst of earthly and old age abstraction.
Yet your drawings portray a linear art where distance and space are in
a paradox with the objects - yet they are all complex and beautiful.
You have an intuitive mind releasing creative passions
which are displayed visually.
Work that can be viewed in awe.




The Jetzone Award Program [AS! 5.0 - WTA]

Jetzone 2 Star Silver Award - rated 5.0 by AS! (ID: S025)

It is my pleasure that your Zeljko Djurovic - Fantasy Art
has qualified for the Jetzone 2 Star Silver Award! A job well done!

Andries van Straten




We are pleased to award your website our VSDA Gold Award
for an excellent and well done website.

VSDA Gold Award - 4.0 rating by AS!; Rated at Level 4.0 at  I.W.A.R.A. - The International Web Award Rating Association; Rated at Level 4.0 at Olymp Award Index

The design of the website matches well the art it portrays.

Ian Conklin
VSD Awards




Dear Igor & Zeljko,

Your website, Zeljko Djurovic - Fantasy Art, has earned the Nem5 Web Maggic Bronze Award.
Award Sites! Level 5.0+ Elite Award Rating

Nem5 Web Maggic Bronze Award - Award Sites! Level 5.0+ Elite Award Rating

You have created a beautiful setting for your artwork. Thank you for building such a wonderful addition to the internet community.
Good luck in all you do.

Once again, congratulations and thank you for the opportunity of reviewing your site. I truly enjoyed it.

Maggi Norris (aka Nem5)





Your website has been selected as one of the
9th Annual Golden Ace Award winners for 2004.

The Golden Ace Awards, founded in 1994, are one of the oldest and most respected web awards on the internet. Each year sites are nominated
by the general public and after as many as 12 levels of review and judging only the best are ever presented this award.

Award Winner - Golden Ace Site of The Year - rated 4.5 Prime Award by Award Sites!

Your site now joins a very select group of the
very best sites on the internet as a nominee and
final award winner.

Congratulations again,

2004 - 2005 Golden Ace Awards
Review & Presentation Panel




Congratulations Zeljko Djurovic!

It give me a great pleasure to announce your website *Zeljko Djurovic Art Presentation* has been selected as one of our winners of the Award of Paradise. A sign of recognition for websites which make nice surfing an experience and joy !

Award of Paradise

Zeljko does drawings, paintings and graphics of fantastic arts. He works and lives as a free lance artist. He is a member of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia) and Belgrade Ex-Libris Association. Your fantastic art and spirituality is unique. The very beautiful fantastic works show the viewer a journey into fantasy. Thank you for this joy to show us your artistic work. Your fantastic painting art site is very well designed and inspiring.

The site design is elegant and has a perfect colour harmony and symmetry, with user friendly Navigation. It is me a honor to awarded your site with our Gold Award. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work. Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program and congratulations again on such a fine web site.

Best regards, Franz Boigner - Vienna, 4. September 2009

Award of Paradise - Award Program



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